How to Purchase

  1. Please navigate through our site and read all the pages to give you more information about our upcoming litter. Additionally, you can find more information about this dog breed in the Meet the Parents page. 
  2. If you have any questions, please refer to the contact us page to get in touch. We typically respond within 24 hours to all emails, texts, and phone calls. Please leave a voicemail with your contact information if we do not answer the phone at the time of your phone call.
  3. Please note the total price for the puppy will be $3500.00. This does not include any puppy transportation fees. The $500.00 down payment will be applied and deducted from this amount. This means an additional one time payment of $3000.00 will be required.
  4. Once you have decided you are interested in a puppy, you must purchase the Reserve a Puppy product on our site. This is essentially a security deposit for your puppy that is $500.00. The security deposit is non-refundable in the event you are unable to purchase your puppy. However, if we cannot fulfill your order due to quantity limits, you will be refunded. This can be completed on the Purchase page. 
  5. Please note placing an order does not guarantee you will receive a puppy due to quantity limits. Puppies are given out with color preference on a first come first serve basis. When your order has been placed, your name will be added to the list of buyers interested in our current litter. We then fulfill orders based on the order of this list. You may also be given the option of purchasing the opposite gender puppy based on the yield of the litter. In this case, you will be refunded the security deposit if you would not like to purchase a puppy. We recommend ordering as fast as possible to help receive the puppy you are looking for. 
  6. We will be in contact with you shortly to give additional information on the status of your reservation. Please respond promptly to further work out the details of receiving your puppy. Failure to respond in an adequate time frame will cause the cancelling of your order. The security deposit will not be refunded in this case. The puppies are in high demand so we cannot hold orders for very long. 
  7. All puppies come healthy, and with all necessary puppy shots at time of receival. Our puppies are 100% purebred and from quality bloodlines as well.
  8. Expect additional documentation to sign before receiving your puppy. We will also be in contact to authorize a $3000.00 transaction outside of our site. Thank you for supporting Oregon Tibetan Mastiffs, a small local breeding service.